Member of the Board of Management              

   David Smith - Vice President


Dandenong has been David's main supporting club since the formation of Gateway. David grew up in Dandenong and has helped operate a family business in the town for forty years before retiring in 2009. David joined Rotary in 1997 and was appointed to the COM a year later. He brings with him business acumen and common sense and participates fully in the overseeing and direction of Gateway's governance systems and fundraising.

David prepares and distributes to all Committee members, copies of agenda, reports and minutes of Committee meetings
• Is familiar with the organisation’s constitution and applies correct meeting procedures
• assists the President/Chairperson to prepare and collate monthly agenda
• takes notes of key issues, discussion points and decisions prepares accurate minutes and distributes to Management Committee members on a timely basis
• maintains a Members’ Register
• maintains a file of all signed, original copies of Minutes of Meeting
• keeps appropriate records in a safe place
• writes any letters or correspondence as directed by the Management Committee.