About us         
 Initially set up by Rotary Dandenong in 1983, we at Gateway Industries have consistently been offering "real" employment options for people with disability. To our 54 employees, Gateway Industries has often been their last hope of securing work. Our nurturing and holistic approach provides the foundation for systematically addressing patterns of low expectation and low achievement in our employees. The result speaks for themselves - camaraderie, confidence, new skills, a sense of achievement and ability to reach their full potential.


Who we are .....
Gateway Industries is an employer providing product and service to customers. Complying with the requirements of the:
*    Commonwealth Disability Services Act
*     Victorian Disability Standards
*     Federal Disability Service Standards
*     FaHCSIA  - The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
*     ADE -  Australian disability Enterprise
Gateway provides training and employment to persons with disabilities enabling them to service customers. Gateway conforms to the requirements of the Disability Employment Service Quality Assurance requirements and with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 in regard to processing and servicing.


We are here to service and support our ‘employees with disability’ whilst providing them with an infrastructure and conditions equitable to other industries and sharing a Quality of Life with them.
To continue as an ADE, providing sustainable growth and giving opportunities and training for our workers, whilst maintaining strong customer support and financial viability
As mentioned in the Quality Policy statement for Gateway, Quality of Life is vital for us all.
Also, as a requirement, Gateway must have a Quality Management System and practices that not only help the employees and the business, but strive to improve upon the working life at Gateway and beyond.
Gateway has implemented the necessary elements to conform to the Disability Employment Services requirements. In conjunction with this, the International Standard AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems has been implemented to give a solid base for all to work within and again improve upon.
The elements of this system will be continually shared with employees through specific meetings and core group meetings.

Work trials are an important component of our programs. Whenever possible, work trials are arranged in various companies, to give the workers some insight into open employment situations. These work trials depend on the availability of work. A staff member supports the workers, initially full time, then gradually withdraws support.

The continuing education component gives workers academic training and broadens their knowledge. It provides formal training for those requiring academic skills pertaining to their desired career. Subjects may be taken as a single component of the Work Education Certificate or other courses offered at TAFE, Skill Share Programs or Generic Services.

We also have in-house programs:
- Literacy & Numeracy
- Environmental Health & Safety
- Personal Development

Our community based training programs are operating effectively. Experience shows that there are many benefits derived from working in community based competitive working environments.

All programs cover Occupational Health and Safety, work ethic, workplace communication, punctuality, social skills and general communication skills. Also understanding your rights and responsibilities in the workplace