Frequently asked Questions          





Answer 1:

1. Any person over the age of sixteen years.
2. Should be resident in the Southern Metropolitan region.
3. Has been assessed as having a disability by a suitably qualified person.
4. Is eligible to receive the Disability Support Pension.
5. Must be willing to travel independently.
6. Willing to participate in work trials for employment.
7. Motivated to work in an integrated employment setting, given ongoing, limited support.
8. Is willing to follow Gateway’s policies and procedures, these are explained at the time of interview and upon commencement.


Answer 2:

We have in place a Wage Assessment Process, which contains the process for all employees to undergo an assessment for work practices. This assessment directly affects the employee’s rate of pay.


Answer 3:

An individual Employment Training Plan is developed after an initial assessment (3 months trial), in conjunction with the Employee, Supervisor and where acceptable to the Employee, his/her parent and/or advocate.  An Employee continuing training/working after this initial assessment endeavours to gain skills required for future employment.  Training plans are reviewed every six months.  Reviews may be arranged earlier at the request of the Employee or Training Staff.


Answer 4:

All programs cover Health and Safety, work ethic, workplace communication, punctuality, social skills and general communication skills.  (Also understanding your rights and responsibilities in the workplace) Where appropriate, Employees can be placed in TAFE, Neighbourhood Houses or Community Libraries to widen their range of skills that may assist them to gain open employment e.g. numeracy, literacy, computer knowledge, hospitality or training courses according to Employees’ individual needs. Gateway Industries can also provide H&S, Literacy / Numeracy classes, throughout the year


Answer 5:

Currently we are running 5 Business units:

- Indoors: Processing/Packaging and Woodwork

- Outdoors: Garden/Maintenance, Litter Patrol, Bin cleaning


Answer 6:

1. Ask questions and receive an answer
2. Stand for election on any Committee at Gateway
3. Access to your file
3a. Only Gateway staff will see your file
3b. You have the right to see your file. However you must not remove or destroy the
file or any of the documents in the file
3c. Authorise Gateway to release any information to other person or persons
Gateway will only accept instructions to release information outside of our service, in writing
3d. Withdraw this authority to release information at any time. This also, must be in writing
4. A copy of the Service’s Policy Statements and to have them explained to you
5. Complain about any part of the service, without fear of getting in trouble
6. Have a family member or advocates support and involvement in your Individual Employment Plan and reviews if you desire
7. To work at Gateway without harassment
8. To work within a safe place that follows Health and Safety regulations


Answer 7:

Learn Gateway’s policies and procedures
Co-operate with staff
Treat Gateway Industries customers, staff, committee members, fellow employees and property with care and respect
Use common sense and respect when travelling to and from Gateway
Attend meetings as arranged, including Core Group, Employee Meetings and Individual Employment Plan Meetings
Attend the Gateway Industries or other training courses Gateway has arranged, on time and on a regular basis
Contact Gateway by 8.30am any day that you are away
Follow your Individual Employment Plan
Behave the same way at Gateway, as expected within the community
Be neat and clean at all times
Follow the “Grievance Procedures” if you are unhappy with the service, fellow employees, Staff or Committee of Management
Not to harass fellow employees, staff, committee of management, customers or visitors to the centre
Follow the Health & Safety Policy
Know who your Core-Group leader is


Answer 8:

From 8.00am to 3.00pm  Monday to Friday

Morning Tea      10.15 – 10.30 am 

Lunch Time        12.30 – 1.00 pm