Quality Policy


    Gateway is a business providing quality employment and training services to challenged persons with intellectual and associated disabilities. As such we must adhere to the requirements of the Federal Disability Service Standards. As a service provider Gateway’s practices lead to continuing employment and external employment opportunities, where applicable. The Quality Management System, which has been based on requirements under National Standards for Disability Services and ISO 9001:2008, will be implemented, maintained, monitored and reviewed for continual improvement on a regular basis.
    It is the responsibility of Gateway’s Management and Supervisory staff to:
    Ensure that this Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are communicated throughout the organisation.
    Ensure the philosophy of continual improvement is turned into actions, as emphasised under ISO 9001:2008.
    Define and document relevant practices into procedures / instructions that are under their control and reviewed on a continuing basis.

    As Gateway is associated to the disability industry the business objectives will take into consideration the individual needs of the employees, their Individual Employment Plan (IEP) and the Industry Standards and associated Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Our ‘Quality of Life’ approach will encompass all respective activities within the organisation.
    The Quality Team will co-ordinate the necessary activities to support the quality management system and verify its effectiveness. A ‘working together’ approach at Gateway will ensure that the points raised in this policy and associated practices and procedures are implemented, maintained and reviewed for continual improvement.