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Useful Services
A variety of services for adults and children with disabilities, their families and carers are available throughout Victoria.

Department of Human Services Regional offices all have a Disability Intake and Response Service to assist with information and support for access suitable services in your area.
Disability Online is an Internet based information service for people with a disability, their families and carers. This site provides the following five services:
- A comprehensive directory of supports and services for people with a disability,
their families and carers.
- Articles on disability and health related issues
- A calendar of events.
- The latest health and disability news from the ABC.
- A wide range of links to other useful web sites, including to generic and specialist disability information providers



Law Institute of Victoria 9607 9311
Legal Aid Commission 9269 0234
“Independent Third Person”
Will help you talk to the police.
Ring and ask for an ‘ITP’ D24
Office of Public Advocate 9660 1444
Villamanta Legal Service 052 29 2925

Community Outreach Specialist at Open Colleges

While training and working at Gateway, we recognize that it is essential for workers, parents, caregivers and advocates to understand the importance of what we are endeavoring to achieve.
If workers are to be successful in gaining open employment, Gateway must “replicate” as near as possible, industry standards and expectations. This involves encouraging independence, punctuality, good attendance, social skills and a positive attitude to work. To achieve these aims, we need the co-operation, support and encouragement from family, friends, caregivers and advocates.
We would appreciate, where possible, that appointments be made after work hours
and that absenteeism be kept to a minimum.
Workers are encouraged to contact the Centre personally if they cannot attend. It is an important element in preparation for the workforce. The ability to use the telephone develops responsibility, communication and social skills.
If you would like to discuss the best way we can work together, to promote good work habits, the staff would be pleased to talk to you.
We look forward to working together to achieve sustained employment for our workers.

Thank you for your co-operation on this very important issue.