This program provides the opportunity to develop skills under close supervision in a manufacturing environment. The course incorporates the techniques and processes required to manufacture high quality wooden products for resale through direct sales and customer orders. Employees are involved in the total production of the products, including delivery when required. Machinery is fitted with jigs for safety and to encourage a feeling of security. A maximum of 8 employees undertake this program at one time. Large safety switches are fitted to large cutting machinery, for use in case of an emergency. Power to the woodwork area can be switched off without interference to other areas.
Skills acquired:
Appreciation of the manufacturing process and how products are developed· Recognition and correct use of motorised machinery and hand tools
Safe storage, care and maintenance of equipment, Health and safety requirements in a manufacturing setting, Planning and minimising waste of material, Recognition of the properties and the use of wood and Cutting techniques
Drilling, Use of repetitive operated hand tools,  Preparation and finishing of  materials, Joining techniques, Dexterity, Stamina, Correct lifting and posture, Ability to follow instructions